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8 min read

Integrate Workbox Service Worker into Astro Project

Progressively enhance your sites performance by using Workbox Service Worker

8 min read

Add Brotli and Gzip compression to nginx in Docker

Configure nginx with brotli and gzip compression running in a docker container

3 min read

Setup nginx as Reverse Proxy for Node.js app under a subpath

Serve static content from `/` and Node.js requests from `/api/` subpath in nginx

11 min read

Dynamic OG images using Satori and Astro Server Endpoints

Simple and quick way to generate OG images in your Astro Project

4 min read

Inject Environment Variables into index.html file in Vite

Multiple ways to inject env variables into index.html file in vite during build time

5 min read

Slots and Scoped Slots in Vue.js

Renderless Components using Slots

3 min read

Cleaner way of dealing with query params using URLSearchParams

Easy and simple way to build queries from an object and vice-versa

4 min read

Dynamic font loading with FontFace

Load fonts dynamically and on demand using CSS Font Loading API

1 min read

Hello World

My first article about writing here